We stumbled into Suman from out of state when we contacted her for info about a house for which she was the listing agent. We had been recommended an agent already but they were unresponsive. Suman was immediately responsive and very helpful. Even though it was a dual agent scenario to go with her should we buy that house, we did so because she displayed initiative and integrity. I am one who does a lot of research so that i can test what others say when making big buying decisions. Suman passed the “sniff” test every time. She also went above and beyond expectations, helped us actually understand the tower of documentation, and continued to follow up after the sale and settle-in period. She impressed some local friends as well who were business people in the area. We can not recommend her enough, and i suspect as the reader looks at other reviews they will see the same themes emerging, because that is just who Suman is.
— Doug Abel 12/05/2019